Studying at Canadian universities

The purpose of studying at a university is to strengthen students’ scientific and theoretical skills,[/caption]

graduates to enter the job market. University courses divide into the following classes:

  • 2-year postgraduate courses
  • 4-year undergraduate courses
  • 2-year postgraduate courses
  • 4 to 5-year doctoral courses

Admission and study at Canadian universities is more complicated than in college, and depending on the degree, the conditions must be changed. International students must present their academic language certificate to be accepted by the university, which varies depending on the field.

Studying at a university is more expensive and longer than college, and you can expect a higher income in the long run and with the right job opportunities.

Benefits of

Education in University

  • Raising the scientific and academic level
  • Receive academic degrees at various levels
  • Earn high income
Pishgaman inst

Evaluation of Iranian Degree with Canada

WES is a non-profit organization that is responsible for certifying and evaluating your qualifications for immigration to Canada. Applicants for various immigration programs, including academic immigration, are required to submit their documents for mining and approval to the institution. Evaluation in this institute divides d into three categories:

  • Evaluation for Immigration
  • Course by Course evaluation: use for academic purposes and presentation to educational and academic institutions.
  • Evaluation of Document by Document: use for work and immigration and government agencies.


Having an international language degree is one of the main conditions for admission to college because without knowing the language, the student will face a lot of problems that depending on the degree and university, you can have a different level. In general, if he/she does not have a maximum language score, he/she can receive conditional admission, which means that he/she will complete the university language courses as a prerequisite during or before the start of his / her field. The length of the language course depends on the applicant’s language level on the day of the level determination and may take up to 1 to 3 semesters, and you will incur a financial burden for it.

Expert advice in Canada

Pishtazan Canada is proud to have a team of professionals who serve all Iranians and Farsi speakers for their academic and business immigration..

Degrees in Canadian Universities

universities is divided into three main sections:

  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Ph.D.

One of the most important point to consider when applying for a master’s and a doctoral degree is as follows:

  • GPA above 15
  • Have a degree in academic language, TOEFL,
  • Have an international GMAT or GRE degree
  • Having international articles
  • Having citational research records
  • Strong resume or CV
  • Motivation letter


Tuition fees at Canadian universities vary depending on the field of study, the city of your choice, and the admission requirements for each university. Also, the cost of studying in Canada for international students is much higher than for native students. The cost of studying in Canada at universities in major Canadian cities is cheaper than in other developed countries. If you choose a smaller city, both the cost of education and the cost of living will be better for you
One of the necessary conditions for obtaining a student visa for international students in Canada, it is to convince the officer for sufficient Financial support and must be able to pay for the first year of living. Also, before the start of the semester, tuition for the first semester must be paid in full.

Post Graduate Work Permit

The Government of Canada has provided excellent working conditions for international students while studying. These working conditions for international students divide into full-time or part-time work based on the type of study. Students who attend full-time courses have the opportunity to work part-time and work up to 20 hours a week. However, part-time students will not have a time limit if they have a work permit.

Student work income in Canada

In Canada, income is calculated based on income per hour (Pay per Hour) or an annual basis (Salary). Individual salaries are paid every two weeks, and the minimum wage in Canada varies from province to province.

 The important thing for your students is that there is no difference between the minimum student salary in Canada and that of Indigenous people and citizens

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