Evaluation and Advice

By completing our free evaluation form, our experts will review your eligibility for study in Canada and will contact you within 48 hours  


After the contract, you will receive the list of required documents. Then, you will enter the next phase of a follow-up consultation with Pishtazan Canada Consultants.


At this stage, depending on the type of contract, whether it is an education or a business, the necessary steps are taken by the organization or institution concerned.


After receiving a Letter of Acceptance  for student’s clients or receiving a Positive LMIA for our Pishtazan Canada Visa specialists have applied for your work or study visa to business clients.


Education and Immigration to Canada with

Pishtazan Canada

  • Representing many colleges, universities and schools in Canada with active office in Toronto.
  • The specialized center focused on studying Canadian schools and universities and business migration.

Our Professional Team member :

– Canadian Academic Advisor and Official Member of ICEF, CCEA

– Advisor and representative of the Immigration and Refugee Board and a member of Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

– Immigration advisor and a member of ICCRC.


Pishgaman inst
Steps for

Student Visa

  • Evaluation & contract
  • Professional consulting
  • Admission & tuition
  • Student visa & Study permit

After receiving your evaluation form, Pishtazan Canada experts will review your qualifications and contact you within 48 hours if you qualify. After consulting and discussing your requirements, Pishtazan Canada will set up your contract and send it to you.

After the contract is concluded, within two business days, one of the Pishtazan Canadian consultants will contact you privately to advise you on the choice of city and field of interest.During this consultation, you will be considered, depending on your age, level of education, degree and city of study. If you are finalized, a list of required documents for admission will be sent to you.

After applying for admission to any school, college or university according to the laws of each of them, you require to pay your tuition fee to complete your application and your application form to be submitted to the Immigration Service of Canada.

After submitting your case to the Canadian Immigration Service, you will be referred to a visa review center in countries around Iran for fingerprinting and will receive a receipt at the end. Your application will then be submitted to the final review and Pishtazan Canada will receive the result of your application from the Canadian Immigration Service via an email.This is the day you need to plan your study trip to Canada as soon as possible and get ready to fly.At the Canada Border, an officer will review your conditions for last time and then issue your study permit.

Expert advice in Canada

Pishtazan Canada is proud to have a team of professionals who serve all Iranians and Farsi speakers for their academic and business immigration.


What our customers say

Do your immigration services with us

Immigration, wherever it may be, even from one city to another, has its difficulties. The only thing that makes this route memorable is having enough information and getting expert advice on that route before you pack your bag. Pishtazan Canada will be beside you at any minute.

Recent Blog Posts

Everything you need to know about immigration to Canada

Recent Blog Posts

Everything you need to know about immigration to Canada

Education and Immigration to Canada

Our Expertise

– Representing more than 150 colleges and universities in Canada with headquarters in downtown Toronto.
– Experienced Center Focusing on Education in Canadian Schools and Universities.
– Obtaining a Canadian Visa by a Canadian Immigration Consultant and ICCRC Member
– ICEF official member
– CCEA official member
– Official member of Languages Canada, PIER, CCIE, CAPS.I

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